Eco friendly accessories have evolved and undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. It's fascinating to see how eco-friendly fashion has made its way into mainstream with such style and flair. The level of creativity behind eco-friendly products is mind blowing and awe-inspiring.

Bamboo products are biodegradable unlike plastics. They decompose without leaving long lasting pollutants in the environment. You can choose stylish and eco-friendly clothing without breaking the bank with bamboo bags.

They come in different styles and sizes like clutch,tote bags,cross body bags, refreshment bags and many more.

The making process

Bamboo bags are first harvested then cut into pliable strips. The strips are soaked in water for a period of time to soften the bamboo.

Skilled artisans weave the strips together with precision and care to create the bag's structure.
Finally, the bag is finished with handles and any additional embellishments adding a personal touch to each piece. The styling process consists of endless creative possibilities. Each fiber is woven with love, patience and dedication making the final product a mesmerizing piece that truly stands out.

Styling tips

Hand woven bamboo bags are versatile fashion accessories that can be styled with almost any outfit choice.

Casual chic; pair a woven bamboo bag with a flowy sundress or a simple jeans and tee combo for a relaxed and effortless look.
Beachy vibes; Bamboo bags are a great accessory for a day in the sun. You can pair them with a straw hat and comfy sandals while enjoying the beach scenery.
Urban look; Tailored blazer,high waisted trousers and a good pair of heels can be nicely worn with a chic bamboo bag.

The versatility of bamboo bags allows you to experiment and create your own unique style. Have fun exploring different looks!.

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