Our planet is currently on the verge of collapse considering the rapid increase in the human population. The eco destructive tendencies of our growing population is triggering extinction on a wide scale.

Human daily activities such as transportation, agriculture, housing, deforestation causes depletion of the ozone layer thereby gradually turning mother earth into an apocalyptic nightmare. Acid rains,global warming, pollution and heat waves have become a big part of our daily lives because of the choices our population make on a daily basis.

Living on the greener side of life is not something we are comfortable with but it's something we can incorporate in our lives to make a positive impact on your home. We have no other planet to call home. Let's contribute our quota in making our part of the galaxy a better place by following these simple steps.


Simple things we can do to reduce the amount of energy we use from non-renewable sources can go a long way in making our planet greener.

Switching to energy saving LED light bulbs, turning off lights when you leave the room, unplugging appliances when not in use are efficient ways of keeping our energy consumption level at a minimum.

Renewable sources of energy like solar energy,wind energy,hydro power,bio energy are better substitutes for fuel. They remain cost efficient and eco friendly.

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