Our Story

Our mission is twofold, firstly to try and help protect our planet by helping people to move away from paper and plastic and to bring together like minded people through shared values and ideas.

We want to stop the use of paper and plastic and ensure there is a planet left for future generations. We believe if each of us make a small change and use ethically sourced products it can make a huge difference overall.

We partner with several leading sustainability charities and make a cash donation split equally between our partnered charities for every order we receive. This money goes to the charities who are most able to help protect our planet.

We wanted to create a one stop place for the best sustainable products for your home. Gaea's Wares™ products are handpicked to be beautifully made and be great value for money. 

We like to partner with and champion small companies that have great designs to offer. We carefully select the companies we stock and only the absolute best new companies make the cut.